Thia Duncanelf


She is fairly neutral to the suffering of others as the brutal times she grew up in require a considerable amount of toughness. She is not opposed to helping others so long as it moves along the common goal. She is not willing to sacrifice herself although she will get close. She is more stubborn and prone to aloofness when angry. She is fairly quiet until she warms up to a person and struggles to be accepting of others. (once again because of her tribes xenophobia) She loves a good nights rest and animals.


Thia was born in the Share, specifically in the Duskwood. The spell plague occurred shortly after her birth, and slowly changed the ecosystem of the Shaar turning it into a desert. As the land of her birth was slowly claimed by sand and the trees that her tribe had called home disappeared her people moved north. Children in her tribe take apprenticeships early on and she was apprenticed to a shaman. At some point in this apprenticeship a mysterious patron bestowed powers greater than that of her teacher. The teacher was both jealous and unable to continue teaching Thia and more importantly control her. In response Thia went through a rebellious phase, embracing fires destructive power, learning about and interacting with outsiders and eventually leaving the tribe.
After several years of running wild alone, Thia began to become much more serious about her work. The separation from her highly insular tribe has left her suspicious despite being slightly lonely. She has been making her way through the world by adventuring, selling her skills to make ends meet. She has no desire (as of yet) to become a wealthy elf, preferring to refine her skills while building relationships with other adventurers. She desires power for protection and to control the environment around her.

Thia Duncanelf

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