The Jewel of the East

Raid on Loudwater
Goblins attack and shopkeepers get slapped

The sleepy town of Loudwater was woken up by the sound of the south wall exploding and goblins pouring forth. Luckily, the PCs were on hand to drive off the invaders.

A note was found on the lead goblin, instructing him to raid Loudwater. It was a smash and grab; they were after a Horn Totem, stolen from their lair. It was supposedly part of a ritual to raise the Ogre King, a long dead menace to the region. The goblins smashed a window at Garwan’s Curiosities and stole it back, fleeing to the Southwood before they could be caught.

The paladin and warpriest investigated, and found that Garwan was sold the Horn Totem by a wizard named Curuvar, who frequented the Green Tankard Tavern. Garwan did not know if the item was magical or not, which angered the warpriest to a point where she tried to slap him, but he dodged. Annoyed, she took a vial of something from the counter and left, but Garwan threw a dagger at her. Despite being struck in the back with it, she just left. The paladin managed to intimidate Garwan into calming down, and diffused the situation before it got worse.

The group decided to approach the mayor, Lady Moonfire, and offer their services to eliminate the threat (for a reward, of course). The invoker took the lead on negotiation, spinning tall tales about himself and his companions. He claimed they were the Order of the Gryphon, an adventuring group with 5 years experience. The mayor bought it, and after some back and forth she agreed to pay a 50 gold advance for their services, and 50 gold for proof of them eliminating the threat. The invoker also requested a poem. Though confused, she agreed.

While preparing for the journey, the group met Curuvar in the tavern and he explained that he did in fact liberate the Horn Totem from the goblins, and if they managed to recover the matching Skull Totem, he would tell them the truth about the Ogre King.

They headed south from Loudwater, following the trail to the Southwood. They came across a small ruin by the forest, and decided to camp for the night. Near daybreak, they were attacked by a small group of goblins and undead, though they fought them off easily and resumed their journey.

After some time lost in the forest, the group found what they were looking for. The trail led through the mouth of a dwarf’s face carved into a stone wall, and through to a wide stone courtyard. They noticed false stonework in the center, and triggered a trap that collapsed the stone floor into a pit 20 feet below. Vicious dogs growled and snarled at them from the pit.

One by one, the group lowered themselves into the pit (some with acrobatic grace, some less so). Goblins were waiting for them in the pit, hiding behind old dwarven statues. After a lengthy fight, the goblins and dogs were defeated. The assailants only carried chainmail and few rusty, substandard items. A locked double door on the north side of the room appeared to be the only exit.


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