It is the eve of war.

Unrest abounds in the civilized kingdoms of Faerun. From the frozen shores of Icewind Dale to the windswept Plains of Purple Dust, simple folk huddle together to keep safe from the terrors of the night. The armies of evil grow stronger in the cursed places of the world, and orcs, goblins, and fouler creatures make ready to spill the blood of mortals for their dark masters.

And yet there is hope, where hearthfires burn and bold adventurers gather over tankards of ale and stories are told of great deeds and treasures from the deep.

In the Dalereckoning it is the year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, and our story begins east of Waterdeep, on the confluence of the Delimbiyr and Greyflow rivers, in the sleepy river town of Loudwater.

Welcome to my 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign, “The Jewel of the East.” Here you will find all pertinent information about the campaign, including PCs, NPCs, loot, setting information, and adventuring history.

Where does this campaign take place?

If you haven’t figured it out from the introduction, our story is set in Faerun (the Forgotten Realms). The Forgotten Realms is the most detailed campaign setting ever conceived, and my personal favorite, though I have modified the world as written to suit my needs (and also because I haven’t most of the gazillion books they’ve written about it). My previous D&D campaign is set in the same universe, and I hope to one day crossover those characters as NPCs.

Jewel of the East?

Yeah. Not gonna explain that one. That’s for me to understand and my players to figure out sometime in the far future.

Can I join your campaign?

You can feel free to use any of this material in your own campaign (unless otherwise noted). As for playing in my campaign, seeing as it’s a private game I run on my kitchen table with close friends only, signs point to no.

The Jewel of the East

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