The Jewel of the East

Menace of the Icy Spire

How to almost get killed by goblins


Our heroes journeyed by boat to the shore closest to the icy spire, the magically frozen tower of the warlock Draigdurroch. From their dropoff point it was a short hike inland to the tower, but they would not arrive unscathed.

As they drew closer, the frost became more and more treacherous. A group of frost goblins guarding a rocky pass assaulted the party. Twice they almost fell to the arrows of goblin sharpshooters, but in the end they managed to fight through to the tower.

The 3-story stone fortress stood encased in ice. The party approached and began to melt and chisel through the frozen sheath. As they began their work, iron statues animated and attacked, but were soon dispatched without major incident, and our party went forth into the tower.

The first floor was a comfortable living quarters, complete with a library, kitchen and dining hall. As the group explored, they were attacked by ice warriors who burst forth from magic fireplaces that served as portals to a frozen elemental plane. Our heroes fought through the invaders and proceeded to raid the library shelves, gathering anything that appeared to be of value.



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