The Jewel of the East

The Spirit of Winter and the Orc Menace

The game of haggling and horrible party names

The second floor of Draigdurroch’s tower an even better library of tomes, from which the party looted the best to take back to Loudwater for sale, or keep to expand their own magical knowledge.

Through a secret door on the third floor was the warlock’s private study, where they found his journal, explaining his research into creating a magical ritual to call forth the power of a dead god. His research was cut short by fey invaders from the elemental planes, which caused the freezing of the tower and the spillover of frost into the prime material plane.

The party rose on a magical elevating platform to the roof, where a giant sapphire a big as a fist hung in the air. Disturbing the sapphire caused magic to erupt from it and a hulking Spirit of Winter attacked the party. The fight was long and brutal. The group almost died, but with one final blow to the creature, the gem shattered and the magic encasing the tower and befouling the weather evaporated.

Our heroes made the return journey to Loudwater on a passing fishing boat, where the drank with the dwarven crew and came up with a name for their adventuring party: Waukeen’s Phoenixes (a name which not everyone cared for).

Loudwater was a flurry of activity. A call to arms had come from Llorkh in the East, asking all able adventuring parties and mercenaries to assist in repelling orc invaders. The party got paid for their assistance with Draigdurroch tower, sold their loot to Curuvar, and were tasked with guarding a merchant wagon heading toward Llorkh.

It was a 2 day journey to Llorkh, and they were set upon on by an orc raiding party. they were quickly dispatched, but how a party of orcs were encountered this far West of the Greypeak Mountains was a mystery.

They pushed forward through the second night to arrive quicker in Llorkh. The next day was one for shopping before they would meet with the other adventuring parties in the city council chambers to discuss the situation.

The council elders explained that orcs were amassing East of the mountains and were planning to invade the Grey Vale. Defenders would be needed at Bordrin’s Pass and to warn the monks of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain of the coming orc invasion. The latter task was what the party was tasked with, and they set out at once through the mountains to the monastery.



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